I normally don't send out information like this but this was touching. My cousing sent me a link about a friend of theirs that had a tragedy happen- I am linking for anyone who may read my blog to go view and maybe send out to more people for help - Here is a quick explanation-

My name is Terri McDowell and I am an Occupational Therapist at Johnston Willis Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. My patient, Sherry Weston, is a 47-year-old wife and mother of two children. Kyle, her son, is four years old and Katie, her daughter, is ten. She and her husband Kent own a small business together. On October 4th she was admitted into the intensive care unit of our hospital with a severe infection and quickly became septic. The specific type of blood disorder she had caused millions of tiny clots to form at her extremities, specifically her hands and feet. The result of this disorder is the loss of circulation to these parts of the body. It is an extremely difficult condition to treat and often the victims lose their limbs. This is what happened to Sherry. She had to have both hands amputated, her right leg below the knee amputated and half of her left foot amputated.

THING #23- My Thoughts

Well, my original thoughts which I am posting below wasn't quite on target after my daughter (16 year old) informed me that I what we were doing was so "Stupid" that we should be doing these naturally. That "duh" EVERYONE knows about all of this. So we THINK we are learning to get ahead --- NO- we are learning just to keep slightly behind the new generation. Something tells me we worry way to much about things our kids already know how to do. Example- keyboarding discussion recently. Some are worried our kids can't type. they can type and much much more. We have to learn to teach them ways to integrate this new technology int our old world.
- My original thoughts below

I am always interested in keeping up with the times and technically that is what all of this offered. In todays changing world you have two choices which is to either keep up or catch up. The only other choice is being left way behind altogether. We can't afford to catch up or be left behind as our jobs are kids.

Our kids need us to guide them and it is hard to guide if we are behind them instead of in front of them.

DOWNSIDE- TIME! All of this since it was more self-directed, tended to be on the back burner most of the time. It was time consuming to LEARN new things and then implement them. But the true problem was that my real job kept getting in the way. :) If I had to choose to spend a few minutes on working with one of the 23 things or getting required work done- WELL, that required stuff has to come first and very- very little time left over for OTHER things.

So you have it- the good, bad- and plain relaity of it all! :) But we all like a challeng so - WHAT's NEXT?

THING #22-Audiobooks

I checked out Project Gutenberg. This would be good if the item you were ooking for was here. I choose to look for my favorite author and couldn't find any there by her. Then I just choose random books and didn't have any luck so a bit unhappy aout that part. Maybe if you register with one of the other two through the library, I would have had better lcuk with locating some things I wanted to find. :)

THING- #21- Podcasting

Well, since I have kids I knew a little about this thing because of itunes. I have actually ued for the girls so I was good at this. I also knew you could podcast shows from the Internet.

THING- #20- VIDEO Time

YouTube was a site I was already familiar with so just really wanted to find a video I liked to link.

Thing #19- Winning Web 2.0 Sites

Problem with this is - JUST WHERE to BEGIN? Here are some things I liked- Judy's Book is an online community where smart shoppers find and share the best deals, sales and coupons - both from online and local retailers.

Actually used some of the travel sites recommended like farecast and Kayak!

Here are some sites I just found of interest-

I was shocked that myspace was not the #1 Social Network but facebook was- WOW!

Alot of the things we have done were award winning so that was sort of neat knowing exactly what the sites were for.

I had heard alot about craigslist but hadn't really checked it out before but neat-Everything and anything you could want to buy, sell, find or read in one place. Look for dates, apartments, jobs and much more.

Finally- 23 Things is nothing- just check out 43 things - List the things you’d like to do, achieve or see. Keep track of your "things" and get ideas from others.

THING #18-Online Productivity

Created an account with Zoho Writer and trying to figure out a way to publish my first try at this. I hope I can connect the two. As far as using I can't quite figure out if this any more productive that the usual use of publishing. It is extremely easy to use though. The hardest part might be just trying to figure out how to link. AND once you get it - should be a breeze!